Desert Sea Divers

The Red Sea has always been rated as one on the top ten diving destinations in the world. With Desert Sea Divers you will have our part of the Red Sea to yourselves. With over 60 (and still counting) dive sites and only a handful of operators we doubt that you will ever see another dive boat, never mind experiencing "cattle diving"!

We have visibility to 30 meters, wrecks, coral gardens, hard coral, soft coral, fringing reefs, shallow reefs, deep reefs, canyons, caverns, big fish, small fish, moray eels, stingray, whale shark, manta, dolphin, pilot whales, water temp. up to 30 degrees C, close sites, far sites, training sites, little or no current, good weather 90% of the time, big boats, small boats, registered captains, instructors, dive masters, helpful shop staff, huge compressor, tanks, weight belts, GPS, echo sounders, radios, oxygen, first aid, day diving, night diving, twilight diving, snorkeling, cameras to rent or buy, dive gear, accessories, PADI courses, educational material, gear repair, gear service... the only thing we are missing is: YOU!

Our Resorts

In one of the most distinguished tourist sites in northern Obhur on the western cost of the Kingdom and engulfed between the arms of Jeddah, the glowing bride of the Red Sea is where our FAL Beach & Dive Village resorts .

Our Beach

With water so clear & sunlight so bright that it penetrates to considerable depth, reef-building corals can be found at greater depths in the Red Sea than in almost any other area.


Shop & Fleet

Desert Sea Divers' head quarters is a large purpose-built PADI 5-Star Dive Center. Brightly lit and stocked with all the latest gear from several respected dive equipment manufactures


Our Education Program

Discover with us one of the most beautiful sports. In our air - conditioned classroom, we teach all PADI dive-courses from "Bubble-maker" to "Assistant Instructor" in many different languages.


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